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Keith D. Harris is an expert in private real estate financing. He has counseled individuals and companies in structuring private paper transactions and turning private paper assets into cash.

Harris Note Investors Have funded and closed Millions of dollars in
Commercial Mortgage loans since 1980. We take pride in our ability to get deals done.


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We can provide commercial mortgages nationwide from

$350,000 to $50,000,000

We can purchase first mortgages, commercial and multi unit property, contracts for deed, wrap-arounds and commercial notes.

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Propel your business to new heights with our versatile financing solutions tailored to your office space ambitions. Whether you’re acquiring the perfect location, crafting a custom build-out, or seeking to optimize existing arrangements, we have the key to unlock your dream workspace. Our adaptable options cater to diverse needs, from budget-friendly leases to flexible payment plans, ensuring financial ease without compromising your vision. Invest in your company’s success with confidence, knowing we’re here to empower every step of your office space journey.

Open the maximum capacity of self-storage contributing with our comprehensive support, taking special care of laid out offices and invigorating development ventures. Whether you try to expand returns on a current property or set out on a ground-up development project, our fitted solutions take care of each and every step. Secure supporting, explore the development cycle, and influence master knowledge to upgrade your venture. Allow us to be your accomplice in building a flourishing self-storage empire, from an expected level of effort to occupant obtaining. Contribute with certainty and prepare for a stable, lucrative future.

Mixed-Use Property Loans

Unleash the financial power of blended spaces with our custom-fit loans designed for Mix Use Property Loans. Whether acquiring a prime location, constructing a multi-purpose marvel, or revitalizing an existing gem, we tailor solutions to unlock your income potential. Imagine seamless transitions between apartments, retail storefronts, and vibrant community spaces, all fueled by our flexible terms and competitive rates. Maximize occupancy, optimize cash flow, and create a haven of opportunity—all while minimizing financial roadblocks. Let us partner in realizing your visionary Mix Use Property Loans.

Apartment Building Financing

Forge a haven of consistent returns with our Apartment Building Financing solutions, meticulously crafted for your multi-family investment aspirations. Whether it’s acquiring a bustling Apartment Building Financing, constructing a ground-up haven for families, or optimizing the profitability of your existing property, we’re here to empower your journey. Our flexible options unlock tailored solutions, from competitive rates to strategic guidance, ensuring your multi-family dream translates into financial stability. Invest with confidence, knowing we’re your steadfast partner in building a legacy of success, brick by income-generating brick.

Nurture healthcare excellence and financial stability with dedicated financing solutions designed for hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and senior living facilities. From acquiring the perfect location for a new clinic to expanding an existing hospital or modernizing a senior living community, our tailored options support your vision. Access serious rates and adaptable terms for development, redesign, or hardware procurement, guaranteeing admittance to cutting-edge care without forfeiting financial well-being. Put resources into the wellbeing of your local area and the development of your association, connected at the hip with an accomplice focused on having a positive effect.

Unfurl the welcome mat to opportunity! Hospitality awaits with our tailored financing solutions, ready to unlock the doors to your hotel or motel dreams. Whether you seek to acquire that perfect location, breathe new life into an existing property, or expand your empire, we have the key. Our flexible options cater to your vision, from budget-friendly renovations to transformative expansions. Competitive rates and personalized guidance ensure smooth sailing, maximizing occupancy and guest satisfaction. Let us be your financial partner in crafting a haven of memorable experiences, where success and profitability reside. So, throw open the doors to possibility – hospitality awaits!

Achieve Your Real Estate Success With Us!

Chart your course to commercial real estate success with Harris Note Investors, LLC as your trusted guide. Our seasoned experts are by your side every step of the way, unlocking the door to your unique aspirations. Whether you envision acquiring a prime location, constructing a groundbreaking project, or optimizing an existing property, we have the tailored solutions to fuel your journey. Contact us today and leverage our extensive knowledge, competitive rates, and unwavering commitment to see your vision soar. Let’s turn your commercial real estate dreams into a flourishing reality.